Pet Rodents

Syrian Hamsters
Syrian Hamsters
Syrian Hamsters
Female Tri-Colour Hamster
Chinese Hamsters
Roborovski Hamsters
Isabella Roborovski Hamster
Winter White Hamster (6 Colours Available)
Pet Rats
Dumbo Rats
Naked Rats – Male
Naked Rats – Female
Blue Rats - Male
Blue Rats - Female
Blue Dumbo Rats
Fancy Mice
Golden Satin Mice
Golden Satin Mice
Siamese Mice
Siamese Mice
Texal Mice
Naked Mice
Naked Mice
Dwarf Lop Rabbit - 
Lionhead Rabbit - 
Dutch Rabbit - 
Netherland Dwarf Rabbit - 
Cross Bred Rabbit - 
Rex Rabbit
Lionhead Lop Rabbit
Belgian Hare
English Lop
Californian Giant
New Zealand Giant White
Flemish Giant Rabbit
Continental Giant Rabbit
(all the above ate vat exempt)
Guinea Pig – Sow
Guinea Pig – Boar
Texal / Long Haired - Sow
Texal / Long Haired - Boar
Guinea Pig Trio – 2 Boar’s & 1 Sow
Baby Ferrets In Season (June - September) Price
Ferret – White male
Ferret – White female
Ferret – Polecat / Sandy
Ferret – Silver mitt
Ferret – Angora
All Baby Ferrets £75 between October - May
Chinchilla – White / Mosaic
Chincilla – Beige
Chinchilla – Grey
Chinchilla – Black velvet
Chinchilla – Violet
Chinchilla – Char Black
Chipmunk – White
Chipmunk – Normal
Blue Degus

Prices are available for authorised resellers and dirstributors only, please contact us  for retail prices

We are on hand to answer any questions you have on the more unusual species to ensure you are fully prepared for their arrival.

All prices are per animal and are plus VAT.

Carriage is charged at £30.00 plus VAT (£36.00). To enable us to calculate the routes for the vans for the week and allocate our stock we would appreciate it if livestock orders could be placed on a Monday before 3.00pm.

All livestock orders are boxed and segregated as per customers requirements.

Our policy is to take back any of our animals which have grown too big for sale and exchange them ensuring our customers always have saleable stock.

Livestock can be paid for by cash on delivery or by credit card over the phone.


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